Sunday, May 31, 2009

Selling PBs (UPDATED)

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Minimum asking for $10 per PB. All PBs are near mint condition and covered with plastic wrap for added protection. Please email me: 'abaorox [at] hotmail [dot] com' , for enquiries.

Mirror site at Figurakuya:


Kaede clear sheet I bought some time ago.

Shana PB that I bought not too long ago. Semi transparent.

Comp Ace April's special item. Minimum $20.
Closed $20

Comp H's special item.

PB is part of the Shigure Asa character box. Which used to retail at La Tendo for around 60 per box.

Dengeki Daioh's special

Dengeki Daioh's special

Closed $10

Comptiq's Special Saber Lily PB probably a few months back.
Blazin $15 Closed

Closed $10

Deal Locations:
Liang Court, Sunshine Plaza anytime from 1-5pm (Saturdays and Sundays only)

Cash only. Selling Singapore (SGD) only.

Thanks for reading~ (^o^)

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Abao said...

Will update tomorrow with sold and buyers