Friday, May 01, 2009

Precendents from the Aware Saga

Actually, it doesn't take much thinking to understand the implications of the recent takeover of Aware by the new "pro-family" exco. Ignoring whatever cause they are fighting for at the moment (and whether it has moral ground), the takeover using such methods serves to highlight a few points:

1. The line between Secular and Religion has been blurred. In time to come we may be seeing more of takeovers within the societies and organisations from people with a religious background.

2. Extremists from any Religion can influence and silence their own mainstream provided they make themselves representative of all; thus tarnishing the decades of good relationship built between other Religions in a second.

3. Extremists from any Religion can force a Regime change and non-believers will be forced to comply eventually provided adequate force is shown to cow them into submission, unless the Higher Authorities step in to stop them.

4. Politics may get more influenced by Religious ideals in time to come. Which is not good for long term survival of Singapore.

5. The SDP would probably not gain a seat in Parliament within the century, but 神様 has a standing chance judging from this saga.

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