Friday, May 08, 2009

Mas Selamat Captured

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Like Jail, MSK is a top level terrorist where we really require the serivces of the TSAB instead of MHA in order for us to have Midchilda level safety rofl

So it says in hyper bold Headlines on today's Straits Times.

From what I read from the ST it would seem that
1. Johore Police caught him on April Fools Day
2. Singapore is quick to claim effort in his capture as seen in the sidelines
3. Malaysia has yet to hand him over to Singapore as of morning
4. This marks the 3rd arrest of MSK
5. Credit goes to WKS and ISD if you actually believe the Papers.

Now that they want to close the Great MSK Escape Incident, may I also take the opportunity to highlight a few points that they should look into before we bury in into the yet forgotten annals of modern Singapore...

1. Accountability for the escape. Other than sacking the 9 ISD personnel related to MSK's escape and strengthening the prison defences, it would seem like nothing else was done (pardon my poor memory). Maybe the MHA and the ISD should liase every few months or bi-annually, giving a brief on the security situations and intelligence of the country. Though I would advise using it for Opposition control as it will undermine its credence and spread its resources thin.

2. This escaped showed that the borders between Singapore and Malaysia is very porous. Perhaps more can be done in increasing joint border patrols between Singapore and the Johore coast? This can be done at the Police level instead of the Army level I think...

3. I assume the lead provided by Singapore is a vital one. However must we be so quick to claim credit especially when the arrest was actually done by the Johore Police? Such arrogance may cause neighbours to dislike you, and haven't we had enough bickering already?

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JustMe said...

If ISD had provided the vital lead, making it open does not equate to claiming credit, as long as we acknowledge the goodwork by our northern neighbour. As a Singaporean, I am happy to know that the security agencies of both countries are working closely. I can sleep more easily at night now.