Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recent Events......

It has been quite a while since I blogged anything that involves current affairs... But with events like this happening right under my nose, it is hard to do nothing about it; so, blogging is a easy way to get some of my thoughts out of my head.

On Religion
Singapore was founded based on the principles Regardless of Race, Language or Religion. Yet recently it would seem like Religion has started to spill over into everyday life, affecting politics even. Repealling obsolete laws gets thrown back with explainations like "its for the majority's good". Institutions gets overthrown overnight replaced with different people with agendas unknown to the public.

On Freedom
The new soon to be implemented laws are a joke really. 1 person constituting an assembly? Oh great. Police having the ability to catch people who might want to commit a crime... Seriously, we are no better than Nazis, where their police can catch people without explaination, torture or kill them. Have you ever considered the possibility what if one day when responsible men are no longer in charge, how would the Law be used for?

On Hygiene
Well, my regards to those who died or suffered in the food poisoning. What probably failed here is probably due to lack of disclipline and mismanagement by the area commitee in charge of the temporary hawker centre.

Contary to people's views that NEA should take a tighter grip on the cleaniness and maintenence, I think all NEA needs to do is to draw out a specific guide to grading and cleaniness and sent officals around once every few months to inspect on their area cleaning. The details should be left to the hawkers and their commitee in charge to decide how they are supposed to clean their own environment.

Something unrelated to this post... I saw some very disturbing words on the covered walkways between Cathay and Paradiz Centre... If this is reflective of our society, then the future does not bode well for Singapore...

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