Friday, September 12, 2008

Fare Hike

Now the PTC has approved the latest fare hike of 4 cents... with the MSM blowing cold wind over the public such as comments that 4 cents is acceptable...

Have they wondered how hard is it for the average 40-50 year old Singaporean in a low end menial job earning $1000 per month ever since they started working? 4 cents per bus trip, assuming they take feeder services only would be: ($0.73*2*30)=$43.80, aka $2.40 more than before (which is 1 meal).

Factor in the ever rising food costs - Vegetable in wet market now costs about $0.80-$1.50 per bushel instead of $0.50-$1.20 (and this is only within 6 months). Assuming 1 bushel per family per day at lowest price - $9 more. What about fish and meat which is inevitably even more expensive since they are higher up in the food chain?

Furthermore, factor in rising electric tariffs (since our local powerplants are bought over by foreigners, we do not have any say in power anymore unless we nationalise them; so it is shareholders right to always raise price at the expense of consumers)

This is the good years that our Government promised - That of ever increasing prices. Forget about inflation talks and global slowdown - It is the job of every Government to control inflation and ensure that the cost of living remains low for commoners.

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