Friday, August 22, 2008

PM's Message

Mr Brown never fails to amuse/enlighten me with his simple but surprisingly accurate summaries, thus I quote them wholesale there:

Regarding this year's outlook: "This year no good."

Regarding the PM's speech on Sunday: "Actually gahmen got help you with rising costs but you don't know only, because we never say loud loud. By the way, you need to have more babies."

I wish to add some of my opinions as well, although I merely browsed through the points which was summarised on The Online Citizen (I think?)

Regarding Internet freedom: It is free, there is no need to impose rules now (=_=)

Regarding Life Creation: No Comment.

Regarding the speech in General: Mostly Smoke.

1 comment:

Daph_Leo said...

Smokes or not .. guess some dun feel the impact until it really applies to them. Child are leave increase to 6 days .. good for mums & dads loh ... maternity leave 4 months leh ... .. other thing such as encouraging pple get marry etc .. hmm .... tat;s another story ... ...