Monday, July 07, 2008

Strike Witches - pondering over history

Watching Strike Witches is full of win and wtf, going by the tons of fly-by patsu shots the audience were given in its maiden airing, but nope, instead of an Anime review (which I havent done since dunno how long ago), today I will rant about history and the IJN.

The story starts around the time of the Phoney War, when monsters (or aliens?) appeared from the sky and Britannia was unable to win the monsters, Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1's getting sucked into the mist and disappeared.

Magic was then developed as a way to defeat these monsters and the World's forces were marshalled to the Homelands for the Defense of the Queen.

Now, the post-modern Japanese is famous for twisting facts and details of the Second World War; as a historical fact lover, I cannot stomach these loose standards of storyboarding with regards to historical accuracy.

1. The appearing of monsters at the British Homelands in 1939 would have likely gave de Furher a free hand in invading the Low Countries, Austria, Hungary and the Baltic nations as in History. There will be no "Peace in my time" deals concluded at all. This will probably hasten the Reich's conquest of mainland Europe, possibly force might not be needed even since Britainnia would have no spare troops to spare for the maintainence of World Order.

2. With Britainnia fighting for its life, its colonies will probably be less defended, with the Bulk of the fleet probably based at Portsmouth or Scapa Flow. Such deployments would serve to strengthen the IJN's position in Asia, with only the US Pacific Fleet being the sole opponent. Scholars of Imperial Japan will understand that Japan was irreversably committed to "defensive war" ever since the US freeze of Japanese Assets and Oil imports due to Japanese invasion of Manchuria and subsequently, Mainland China.

With the British Fleet unable to aid its Far East colonies (Malaya, Hongkong, India, Burma, Australia and New Zealand), it will be good to assume that the conquest of South-East Asia would be completed faster than they took, and at far less infrastructure damage to the precious oil refiniries.

3. France would probably be in a bad position by 1940, Soviet Russia probably in a similar precadictment (although the Molotov agreement did bought a year of time for the Soviets in real life). The Wermarcht would probably be surrounding France from 2 sides, and the French could not count on Spain and Portugal for assistance. It would be foolhardy to send their best to save Britain when the threat of invasion is very real.

4. The footage of the IJN was great for an admirer of IJN ships (like me), but on the other hand, it is very disturbing to see the ex-agressor nation having similar thoughts again. (and it is also very disturbing to see the IJN naval flag displayed so prominently)

5. The following picture is a destroyer from the Kagero Class (which is prominently featured in the show.

The Yukikaze. The only Kagero to survive the war

1 Major grouse is that the Kagero's that they featured were all given an update - Installation of Aircraft Search Radar and the deletion of the X turrent for 2 triple 25mm light AA guns. This update was done in the years 1943-1944, and shouldnt be there at this time of the show... ...

That said, the other warship details are superb. I managed to identified all of the escorting Destroyers (I think), which are all from the Kagero Class. As shown in the Anime, they are - イソカゼ, ハマカゼ, ハギカゼ, タニカゼ, ウラカゼ and ユキカゼ.


Abao said...

cont: actually i still got 1 more grouse. Its that the dominions do not automatically commit themselves in an event of war, and to assume that Canada and India would send troops to the Homelands is just not right.

Anonymous said...

It's not based on history. It's a fantasy, set in an alternate-universe Earth where all the country names and maps are totally different. They've even made up countries that never existed.