Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dual Citizenship

I've been invited to attend this dicussion session organised by the People's Association held later this afternoon, but frankly, I am not very interested in both the topic and the style of the discussion; so may not attend if afterall, even though there's free lunch provided...

Now to the so called burning question - the issue of Dual Citizenship. This question is actually a non-question if you asked anyone who has some notion of Nationhood.

Then again, all these would not have happened if Singapore had managed to forge a truely close knitted society in its 43 years of Independence. It is because of the failures of the Singapore Nation that the local Government resorted to importing foreigners and now, allowing its own citizens to hold an identity of another Nation.


Kawasumi Hirito said...

It's about time they start talking about dual citizenship, especially when our citizens outflow to other countries is increasing for sure.

If we're allowed dual citizenship, it'll be a good incentive for me to keep mine too, but if that's not the case I might just give up SG citizenship if I'm getting better benefits elsewhere.

Like they say: "It's better being a 2nd class citizen in another country, than a 1st class citizen treated like a 3rd class in their own country." Sadly, I feel that's the case living here.

Abao said...

Haiz, we have indeed reached the day where Singapore is effectively no longer a complete Sovereign.

I demand a referandum on restoring Crown Control!