Sunday, May 25, 2008


Crappily took the shots before my camera batt. runs out.

Since KKnM had a 1 for 1 sale, I figured that might as well go see got what to take. Didnt buy the towels because I wouldnt have the courage to use them (yet).

This mobile cleaner will probably be used on the PSP.

Oh btw, the new La Tendo is great ^_^. But there seems to be no Shana love over at La Tendo T_T.


gordon said...

congrats on having your feeds activated at! trust me, it will brings lots of traffic to your site so do blog regularly. it's also easier for me now to keep track of your posts since i read many times a day. ^^;

and btw, thanks for putting up a banner for my blog. i'll send u a actual banner via PM at the forums.

cheers! ^^;

Mizunaga said...

I must find me a place to get them anime towels ^^;