Sunday, May 25, 2008

Singapore Times

The Good:
Currency Appreciates
- Japanese Imports will get cheaper

Hawker food is still cheap and good

The Bad:
Oil prices will stay at U$130. Leading to
- More expensive Electric bills
- More expensive Petrol, Diesel
- More expensive Plastic materials

Burma Cyclone
- Lead to 1-3 years of low rice harvest
- Make Rice more expensive

Sichuan (Shu) Earthquake
- Massive infrastructure damage
- Water control units damaged
- China's greatest domestic agriculture province damaged
- May lead to reduced rice, vegetable and meat exports from China
- Cost of these foodstuff will increase

- Idiots speculating in commodities
- Make my lunch more expensive

No minimum wage
- That's why my pay for my temp job is $5/hr. Monthly pay without OT is about $800.
How to survive?

Foreign workers
- They fill jobs, create local demand for food and daily necessities BUT
- keep our wages LOW

So, in short, if you are of the lower income group in Singapore, be prepared to work 2 jobs if you want enough to spend and save.


Mizunaga said...

Sigh~ Things just keep getting tougher, don't they?

Abao said...

What to do? I only hope that some of the 66% who voted the current Govt in will wake up by the next Elections.