Saturday, April 05, 2008


Rice, the staple of more than 1/6 of the World. The King of Crops (in Asia) is set to become less affordable to the masses after the News Reports indicating that the Global prices of Rice is set to increase due many various factors.

The factors, in my opinion, are:
1. Demand > Supply
2. Uncertainty in Global economy
3. Increased production costs (Reduces profit)
4. Natural disasters
5. Soil degration
6. Increased logsitics costs

(4 & 5 reduces normal supply)

Singaporeans can still enjoy Rice only due to our relatively higher purchasing power in the South-East Asia region. If this is still the Pre-Globalisation Age, we will be suffering in no time as the Rice producing countries would either stop exports to give priority to its citizens or implement a steep hike in export prices.

And in the light of rising Rice prices, our Rice suppliers abandoned all ethnics and bought rice from the Burmese Junta Government, thereby prolonging their hold on Burma.

I would suggest that the rice suppliers or/ and the NTUC (which is Government supported) look into investment in rice production schemes in nearby countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Indonesia so that we can ensure that our people can eat affordable rice in the times ahead.

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Mizunaga said...

Sounds like it's time for you guys to switch your staple dish to roti canai. xD

It's for the future, I declare!

I jest, of course.