Sunday, March 09, 2008

Results of the Malaysian Elections 2008

Note: This was started on 9 March 2008 1-2:20AM GMT+8 but I encoutered some problems publishing so by now it had become largely irrelavant :(

According to reports flowing in on various news site such as the Star, New Straits Times and Malaysiakini, the Opposition has managed to:

1. Obtain majority victory in defending Kelantan
2. Surprise win over Kedah state, their Nation's ricebowl
3. Rocketed Gerakan and won state control over Penang
4. 4 Barisan Ministers defeated

A possible but still uncertain 5th and 6th is a victory over the state of Selangor and Perak. I sincerely congratulate all who have won and wish that they will carry out the wishes of their electorate in the years to come.

Now that most of the results are clear, mainly that the Barisan Nasional (BN) had suffered a major dent, we should look back at the tirade of news that had been dished out prior to the Malaysian Elections.

A disclamer before I start, I am not one who is really informed about this Elections, nor did I follow the News that closely. What I am writing is my perception of news that I've read for the past 13 days regarding the Malaysian Elections.

Across the shores from Singapore, if you read the local Straits Times and watched the news on Chinese-centric channels Channel 8 and U, one would had formed a view that the BN would have won with a comfortable margin this time round as well. Since the local news were a rehash of the Malaysian press own coverage, it reinforced the view that the media were by proxy a tool of the leading Government (aka BN).

The dangers of having the media under heavy control was that the BN did not know that things wasnt as rosy as they thought it would be, until it was too late. Look at Penang. The local Straits Times gave a short news clip showing Gerakan party leader Mr. Koh dispelling succession rumours 2-3 days before the Malaysian Elections, if my head served me correctly. At that time Gerakan was still confident that they would win.

A look at online on Friday, hours before the Elections however, painted a much bleaker picture for the BN, with the opposition ceramahs attracting large numbers of enthusiastic citizens and opposition leaders making power attacks on policies, the economy and their future. After a trip to Malaysiakini, one would have left with a completely different view of the ground in the contested aread of Malaysia.

As of now (I started writing this at around 1 AM GMT+8), major news websites across Malaysia and Singapore, including the mainstream media announced the loss of Penang and Kedah to DAP and PAS respectively. The mainstream media expressed particular shock over the defeats, especially over the loss of Penang. Headlines like "Malaysian opposition slays govt giants in elections", "Shell-shocked Koh concedes defeat in Penang, didn't expect huge loss " and "Defeat a bitter pill for Samy to swallow" just highlighted their vast difference between the MSM/ BN's idea of the ground vs the independent/ alternative voices.

When did Malaysian MSM become so obedient until they lost touch of the people? be continued? I do admit I am getting somewhat out of point of sorts


Mizunaga said...

Aha, I spot a fellow Malaysian blogger ^^;

Indeed, this year's election results were a big shock.

However, certain incidents (which I shall not mention) indicate that the people were voting for the party, and not the politicians. Perhaps the voters had finally gotten too tired of BN ^^;

And, well, the 1 million+ new voters could have contributed to the shocking results as well.. haha.

Abao said...

LOL. I'm your southern brethen from Singapore :p

Indeed, the Election results were shocking to many, whether they are Malaysian or Foreigners.

It is unlikely that this would happen in Singapore for the forseeable future though :(