Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bad Customer Service?

Actually, its all too common in Singapore. There's a solution though...

The one golden rule to avoid such problems:
- Dont go to food outlets/shopping centres/supermarkets when its peak hours.

Confirm no problems liao ^_^

As for why we keep quiet all the time, its because we'll have less problems to worry about ma. Just keep them in your head. o_O

Scenario 1 from Yawning Bread:
Guy not getting his choice of food.

Guy's thoughts: Haiz... they cooked the wrong choice... but nvm lar, eat liao aso considered 1 meal.

Scenario 2
Woman not queuing in the right lane.
People queuing behind her (thoughts): Aiyo, how come this woman liddat one. There write express lane liao ma... nvm, I go another shorter queue. As long as my time not wasted.

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