Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Musings

Reading Janadas Devan's writings about the English is always a joy. Usually he tries to give a simple yet insightful approach to the origins of a particular word or phrase, or a authentic rebuke at a certain topic through careful use of words.

In today's editorial, he broached on the the usage of words how the great leaders/ contenders have used them, citing the US Democratic Candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's methods in using words, sentences and paragraphs in speeches.

And after citing examples of great orators and the qualities they possessed, he managed to bring our Country's mentor, aka Mr Lee Kuan Yew into the picture. He agrued (which I agreed) that Mr Lee was more of a effective communicator through the effective use of pragmatic statements and policies as an appeal as compared to inspiring speeches used by other politicians/ speakers common in the world.

Reading through it, I feel that he had wanted to touch on the subject of Pragmatism as compared to Idealism, but restrained himself from doing so and ended the essay quickly.

In a sense, if Singapore's focus had been on Idealism instead of Pragmatism when the parliament was formed backed in the fifties, things might had been very different now. It would have been a very different future, though whether the citizens would have been better off or not is not for me to judge objectively.

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