Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Military Supplies from our Comrade Crusader

The front was having difficulties fighting with the OKW when supplies from Comrade Crusader arrived at the battlefield.

War Materiel has arrived for us!

With these new equipment, our mighty army managed to hold the enemy at the outskirts of the capital.

Spanking new rifles, machineguns, vehicles, tanks and planes from QP-17

Glory to the Motherland!


gordon said...

are those 'he is my master" DVDs? ^^;

btw abao, how come now i come to your blog, i only see 1 article at the main page? u change it that way?

Abao said...


Those are mangas i won last year from THAT Blog's anniversary contest. You can see it:

As for the posts, I changed them to show only 1 post at the main page coz I noticed picture posts such as Megami and Comp H eats up bandwidth and browser memory.

Is it better to put 1 post or revert to 5 post?

gordon said...

yes pictures intensive posts do takes a long while to load. i guess it will take some getting use to with your new layout. i'm ok with that. ^^;

Abao said...

Well, you can use my archives, or the label (which i called it keywords), or alternatively you can use my RSS ^_^

gordon said...

i'll use the archives on the right. glad to see u are blogging more regularly now. ^^;