Friday, February 29, 2008

JI Terrorist escaped from our ISD Camp

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What's surprising is that Singapore's supposingly top-notch police/ ISD forces have lost a frail, limping man inside their high-level security camp. Do remember that the ISD was the ones that detained/ tortured lots of Singaporeans who sang counter to the Offical Establishment's views back from the 1960s to the late 1980s.

That such a man can escape from these people suggests that our millions spent on defence and manpower are spent for naught. In European democractic models, the people in charge would have resigned.

But wait, this is Singapore. We follow Asian Values. The minister in charge is punished severely by increasing his salary this year. And the next year as well.

Before I end this post, let me just state that Singapore's version of Asian Values is all but correct. In the 3 Kingdoms, ministers do take flak for making mistakes.

The Premier Zhuge Liang was punished for using the wrong person, against the advice of the officers in the 1st Northern Campaign (which lead to Shu's defeat). His rank was reduced by 3 ranks (1 pin drop to 4 pin), although he was allowed to remain in charge of his duties.

Now, Zhuge Liang is the example to follow if our officers and ministers have his caliber. (Or Cao Cao's calibre)

If the officers/ ministers cannot be compared to such people, then they are usually severly punished, such as being sacked of the offical post. Some may even be banished away to desolate lands. So if you want to use Asian Values, you had better use them correctly, or you won't win over Abao here.


gordon said...

i'm amazed how a limping terrorist is able to escape without anybody noticing? even more amazed is how come the officer escorting him didn't chain him up in the toilet?

face with this kind of embarrassing situation, how to hold the youth Olympics? :-/

Abao said...

Yalor :X

Singapore lose face like siao sia...