Sunday, February 03, 2008

Clannad - 16 Highlights

Usually, I wouldnt post Anime Reviews on this blog, ever since the odex uproar about half a year ago, but reading Kaoshin's blog pissed me off enough to write a post on this week's CLANNAD. Keep in mind the fact that I read his post yesterday.

His post is a perfect example on dulling any experience of anything you have been through. Kaoshin's review here. While I do understand that reviews should use a moderate tone, the 3rd party observational/present-past particple? tone that he used totally spoiled the CLANNAD experience that one would had enjoyed had he not read that particular post and watch the show instead. Moreover, there were inaccuracies in his post, such as

As quoted from Kaoshin's blog:
The group guides Mei to Youhei’s room, and things aren’t exactly pretty… Nevetherless, she doesn’t give up and will do her best.

What actually happened was that Okazaki and Furukawa showed Mei her brother's room, and it looked worse than she had expected, so she decided to clean the room.

As Youhei’s room might not fit Mei, Nagisa will take care of her, taking her home

What actually transpired was that girls are not allowed in the Boy's Dormitory, so Nagisa offered to provide the lodgings for Mei during her stay.

Tomoya discusses about Mei a little bit, but then talks about the third partner. Kyou accepts right away. Kyou begins to abuse Youhei again, but as he freaks out, she uses the “teamplay” argument. Tomoya adds the same thing which ultimately force youhei to fetch their food. Kyou then takes this opportunity and talk about going out with a girl and she will talk about it this lunch.

This is grossly wrong from my understanding of the show. Sunohara was depressed over not doing something to make Mei's visit an enjoyable one, so Okazaki suggests that he fix up a basketball match, since Sunohara was the one that suggested and pestered him yesterday. Sunohara was fine with that, but stated that they need another person to play...

Which leads to Okazaki asking for Kyou's participation in this match. Kyou agrees, but then asked Sunohara to get her some fruits and milk for recess. An unhappy Sunohara asks why he had to get her food, which Kyou replied, "In basketball teamplay is important. You have to listen to your team mates... err no... team leader's commands... ... err nope... team leader's beck and call."

Okazaki silenced Sunohara by asking Sunohara to get him Coffee and Milk. Sunohara had no choice but to follow after the two agreed that he had no say in any matter. (LOL)

Seeing that Sunohara went off, Kyou then asked Okazaki to follow her later during lunch as the condition for helping him out.

It is the day and Kyou is fired up, as some people just made fun of her.

Actually, Kyou was pissed off by the Basketball club members as they said that the Film Club wouldnt be able to beat them.

This wakes him up, leading to a place he belongs to.

Completely different from my understanding... My take on Okazaki's thoughts, "Even for someone like me... ... wants a place where I can return to"

I cant say I translated these correctly, but that is my impression of the dialogue of CLANNAD. Either he is severely deficient in his command of the English Language or he simply hates the show, like what Ascaloth of Riuva alledged. But what's sure is the writing watered down any good qualities of the show.


Kaioshin Sama said...

Unfortunately you are barking up the wrong tree here as I don't do the articles for Clannad, Klashhikari does. He's also a really huge fan of Clannad and English isn't his first language, French is. I don't think he'd really appreciate you suggesting he hates the show as he actually likes it far more than I do.

It's not his fault that his articles come across as detached and he also tries very very hard. I've actually tried to give him a few pointers on how to add more flare to them and we'll just have to see how it goes. Please give him some time and some respect.

Also, it's not solely my blog, There are 3 other writers. I just happen to be the most prolific.

Abao said...

Thank you for the clarification. What's written is already written, but I will add a blog post to state my error and clear your name and his.

What's still true, though is that he needs to brush up his command of English.

Kaioshin Sama said...


And let me just say I'm not actually like you may have heard from elsewhere, I just really don't like seeing my favourite franchises dragged through the mud. I wouldn't expect any less of you with Clannad so I can understand why you would be upset if you thought the series was being mocked. Klash really does like the series though and I'll let him know what you suggested about brushing up on his English.

As a fellow loli fan, take care and good luck in your writing.

Klashikari said...

Huh... to be quite honest, i wasn't exactly expecting being executed like this in the future, especially for the reasons quoted in the end, but that's not exactly that bad... kinda XD

As Kaioshin said, I'm actually not an english native, though this "excuse" is irrelevant here.
To be more accurate, I usually do a very fast "bullet summary" as I announced as a first note in each of my review articles, to summary bluntly the points I could understand. As a general guideline with my articles, these are hardly "pinpoint accurate". I'm far from a decent japanese knowledge than... let's say Omni from Random Curiosity, hence it is up to readers discretion if I was right or wrong. That said I don't usually leave such summaries in this state, though many IRL things prevented me to rework it (while episode 1-15 were). That said, I do this, for people who are too impatient (though Sprocket fansubs come out quite quickly).

Also, due to pressing matters and the like, I didn't put my thoughts ever since episode 7. That said, I believe that all reworked summaries are demonstrating my liking for Clannad.
If you want to know, I played the game during the christmas break, and the anime is just ranked in my top weekly expectation. So there is no worry about it.

That said, I would invite you to check the rest of the clannad entries to have your own idea. That said, I don't believe I was "that" bad in english to the point of deserving decapitation... oh well, I guess it is the price of not putting a clearer disclaimer at the top, just like I did before in the earlier episodes...

Klashikari said...

Oh well... I forgot I could also put that as another token of "not so ill" intention XD

this is how i reviewed episode 17 in "bullet mode". Obviously, there are many approximations and perhaps mistakes, but that's how a quick draft is done before the said reviews as announced at the top. That said, I don't think this is "how someone would review an anime he dislikes"

By the way, a little funny trivia: The more I put pictures, the more I like the episode and/or the toncrap it happens in there.

In comparison, KS is far from posting 80+ pictures like I do ^^"

Abao said...

Klashikari, if your bullet summaries were written with the standard of what you've replied on this post then I wouldnt have complained about your post in the first place :)

I'll add a point 3 to what I've posted just now: to avoid bullet summaries.