Friday, February 01, 2008


Personally, this is a bgm that I enjoyed in CLANNAD very much. So I thought to share this with whoever passes by my blog.

Listen/ Download 同じ高みえ LQ here

Of course, other than this bgm, I also enjoyed many of the other great bgms composed such as 潮鳴り(shionari), 東風(higashikaze) and 遙かな年月(haru kana toshitsuki). They were truly memorable, even though I havent finished playing the game.


gordon said...

abao seems to like this anime very much. is it good? maybe i should catch it as well. ('~')

Abao said...

Clannad is a nice show, especially if you liked Key/ KyoAni's past works.

Fuuko's arc was executed well, although I will forever hate Fukko (Anime) for making Okazaki and Nagisa closer to each other... thus eliminating the other haremettes as a choice. (Not that I dont hate Fukko (Game) in the first place...)

Kotomi's arc was good until the part where Okazaki, Kyou, Ryou and Nagisa worked on her garden. That parted feels wierd to me.

Episode 16 was awesome though. ^_^ Excellent flow, entertainment and solid plot development with nothing to complain about at all.

Though with 8 episodes left I can see Tomoyo's arc being left out and Kyou/Ryou/Nagisa's arc being executed together. Too bad for Tomoyo but seems like there's no other choice.

gordon said...

i'll give it a try when i get the super power to freeze time. still have lots of animes/gundams to watch/build. >.<

Abao said...

LOL. Take your time. ^_^ I would recommend u not to read the game translation if you want to fully enjoy the Anime.