Monday, January 07, 2008

Home Decor :(

Home Decor season I and II was originally hosted by Mark Lee and Bryan Wong, along with their respective teams of assitants, given a fixed budget and assigned various themes whereby the 2 hosts/ designers design a new living room and the judges will give the prize to the house that impressed them the most.

Season III was mainly the same, but with the addition of 2 new "disciples", mainly Li Teng and Zheng Rong Ming (i dunno his other name). The main difference was that the original designers took a back seat and the disciples take most of the responsibility of designing and decoring the home.

From the tally grade so far, (Mark 7 vs Bryan 6), one can glimpse some knowledge of functioning in this society.

1. Hard selling tatics tend to make you enemies. Look at Mark's way of buying furniture over most of the episodes this season. Asking for good discounts... make's the salesperson's job very hard.

2. Over-slacking while getting paid is a good recipe for disaster. Slacking is fine, but you need to work; if you dont, then probably you dont like your job enough. So better find your niche (although most wouldn't [maybe me included...])

3. Its always good to worry than not to worry (although this sure will cut your life by many years, so only perfectionist's should comtemplate this. well I am not one, so this takes the back stage)

4. Careful research leads to informed choices. (sounds like KM =_=)

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