Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008, a New Year

A New Year has arrived on the Gregorian Calendar. I wish all a Happy New Year, though I am not feeling happy or sad in particular.

Events that may have an effect on my thoughts:
Xedo's sueing of ISP's and filing claims on hundreds of anime downloaders. The actions of xedo has gained notority, and earned the international community's ire when BayTSP, the IP tracking company engaged by xedo, sent compensation letters to people over the World. This resulted in an unknown hacker shutting down xedo's website.

This has the positive effect of letting everyone know that Bittorrent is an easily tracable client, and hastened the switch to alternative, "safer" (in theory) channels, which I am not disclosing. It also hightlighted that a computer, even when firewalled, may not be able to deter organisations from collecting data silently, thus prompting me to slightly strengthen the defensive software of my computer.

The negative effect of xedo's actions will be that it may set a precedent for future coporations and governments to follow upon - high handed methods (i would say, somewhat unethical methods) to catch unsuspecting people. Or maybe its the government that set the precedent for coporations to follow and emulate?

Anyway, the majority of the people probably dont give a damn about the incident.

IPP Attachment. I am thankful to all the people there. It's great to be helping out people where I might actually have the means to do so and certainly a good morale booster for a wanderer like me. Life was very good then, although after minus-ing off working hours there wasnt much time left for socialising and playing games (which might be actually more of a good thing). With the money there I also got my first book of Megami Magazine (Megami Deluxe Vol 7).

Cant think of much le... guess I'll end talking about me.

Spring with a Spring Anime! (Game)

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