Sunday, December 09, 2007

Foreign Talent in our country

It has been a touchy issue for Singaporeans and the Politicians ever since a few years back, but it became at a hot topic this year, after the Government relaxed laws to allow more of foreign workers to be employed locally.

While some had praised the hardworking attitude of the foreign workers, especially those from China, whose numbers are steadyly rising, reactions from others are less amicable, complaining that they took away local jobs or the difficulty of understanding them.

I dont blame corporations for employing foreign workers/ talent, but they should try to employ those that can communicate closer to our local Mandarin/ Dialect tonations. Or invest a few hundred dollars in them for a week or two's English lessons on answering simple questions.

The resentment of foreign workers in our Country, however, is only the surface of the problem. The root of the problem(importing of FT) stems from the Stop at 2 Policies made back when the Singapore population was mushrooming. It was too effective, so as to speak, so much so that most Singaporeans now prefer to remain single. This is part of the reason why Singapore needed foreign workers/ talent to fill in the labour shortage when our economy booms.

As the Online Citizen has written, the number of Singaporeans on the island now number 74%. If the percentage fall further, would it be us who will have to adapt to their customs? Then again, we have been doing so all along. Afterall, Singapore(that we know today) is a product of Globalisation...

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