Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Day of Infamy

Another year has passed since the attack on Pearl Harbour. Or actually, it is but part of a Pan-Pacific attack by the Japanese against the Major Powers. Striking simutaneously at Hawaii, the Phillippines, China and Malaya, it was a complete tatical victory for the Imperial Japanese Forces.

Unfortunately, the attack on Pearl Harbour was ultimately a strategic failure, as it remained functional and combined with the US production speed, Pearl Harbour was restored and replenished with ships ready to fight in months.

Military Lessons:
1. Be vigilant. Even if there is no enemy around you. Like Hawaii.

2. Communications is imperative to victory/ loss.

3. In Pearl Harbour's case, the IJN should have destroyed the oil stores and bomb the air fields instead of focusing on the Battleship row. Also they should had mined the approaches of Pearl Harbour so American ships cannot get out.

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