Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Tidbits

The Singapore Daily has a policy of not publishing any news on weekends, stating that weekends are for the family and friends, but I beg to differ. For me, Sunday's are more conductive for blogging on tidbits of news and reflections. Afterall, its one of the few days where people have a little free time to do things they like. マ、each to its own. (^_^)

The Sunday Times today has quite some interesting articles worth mentioning. One of it is about the lottery scam. A teacher was cheated of S$61,000 by China cheats that claims that she won a lottery and that if she transferred some money she will receive the rest of it. Although our MSM have been publicizing it for the past week, warning people of such scams, she did not know about it. Inferring from what she said, this means that she doesnt follow the MSM news. Although our MSM does churn out alot of propaganda, one still needs to read/ watch/ listen to them from time to time for such important warnings. Even if you dont want to pay 80c for the ST, you can still read them on CNA or TodayOnline. I would also guess she's not an English teacher, because as an English teacher part of their job would be to improve the command of the students english and teach the more interested ones on expository essays. Which requires the teacher to get them suitable materials; the local standard would be the ST.

Now the funny thing is that she transferred money not once, but 5 times to multiple accounts, all based in China. Quoting her from the Sunday Times: "Ms Tan insisted that it was her trusting nature, not greed, that made her fall for the scam." - condensing this into 1 word will give me "Gullible". I would agree with her on this point. Who else will transfer money so many times? And financing a loan from the bank at 17.9% is simply incredible...

With all that said, of course I still hope that she will be able to repay all her debts and become stronger from this.


Next is the depressing news on RenCi's probe by the MOH. Apparently, the MOH audit by Ernst and Young found that RenCi funded a business venture without charging a cent when Venerable Shi was at the helm. The venture sells Buddhist accessories and aimed to return the money + provide a means for additional funding but unfortunately did not suceed.

The MOH can conduct whatever checks it deems to be needed. But I do not think that RenCi should be lumped together with the NFK. The NKF only seeked to earn more and more profits when it was under Durai, and profits were not totally pumped into helping patients get lower costs for dialysis. RenCi, on the other hand, seeks to reduces its charges whenever possible, often waiving/ reducing charges for poor elderly citizens and chronic illness patients. By not helping them we are actually not helping our poorest and most needy group of Singaporeans.

So please do not view RenCi with a coloured glass and continue to donate if you had all along.

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