Thursday, November 08, 2007

Recent News

Was reading blogs and noticed some news over the week.

1. Attacking of WP. It would seem like some people, presumebly supporters of the SDP, and ex-Singaporeans (Such as Gopalan Nair) have denounced the WP over the recent media's report. One blog was even created with the intention to discredit the Worker's Party.

Its regrettable that the SDP has chosen to do such despicable things so as to defame a party that does not sing their tune. It definitely will not serve to win them more votes come the Elections.

Although it is true that Mr Low is relatively passive compared to his predessor Mr JBJ, it does not mean he is happy to allow the WP to stay as it is now. Given the current situation, where the PAP is in near total control, the WP is not even in a position to oppose in any strong fashion. Of course they had to bide their time.

I hope they can come to their senses and stop such childish antics. It does not do any good except to strengthen the PAP's hedgemony.

2. Rising Cost of living

This one can be evidently felt by many of us locals. I dont think I need to say more, except I read a journal where it quotes some analysts saying that Singapore's inflation will probably go up to 3% or even 4% next year. Guess we all have to suffer in silence.

Here are some figures for the increasing cost of living:
When I was in sec 3 and 4, a can of Pepsi Twist cost 55cents. Then it became 70cents. Then now nearly 90cent. I guess next it will break the $1 ceiling. And that was not even 5 years ago...

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Robert HO nric S0197974D said...


“After the news of the civil action (distributing flyers) against the WP attracted headlines in the local media, some internet forum participants accused Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) supporters of being behind the civil action, and they took the chance to direct their anger at the SDP. One person by the name of “DESMOND” even wrote an email letter to Dr Chee Soon Juan accusing SDP or its supporters of instigating this civil action. This letter received a swift rebuttal from Dr Chee. Both letters have been published on the SDP website:
– NG E-JAY — ”

2. For the rest of the issue, see :

3. A govt that cheats in national elections which is supposed to decide on the representation of the people in Parliament will easily do dirty hatchet jobs like distributing flyers, see :