Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Multi-Racial Britain

Reading the Sunday Time's interview with the Welsh expat Professor Furmston, one would have noticed a stunning fact - The reporter seemed not to recgonise that Britain does not consist of just the English, but the union of England, Scotland and Wales. And thus, throughout the article, the questions asked by the reporter seemed largely irrelavant to the Professor.

Here, on behalf of my fellow Singaporean, I must say a very sorry to the Professor for wasting his time and insulting his race.

Here in Singapore, and probably most of Pan-Asia, we see the foreigners in simple monotones. If a person is white, then they are an Angmoh and automatically register in our heads that they are better than us Asians. Whether it is a relic of the colonial times or the sucessful spread of western culture is something I will not bother to discuss much into, but because of this, we tend to over-generalise things by looking at their skin colour.

Britain, was originally inhabited by the Brythons (What we call Welsh now) for thousands of years until Julius Caesar sent a legion into Britain and conquered much of it. The Hadrian's Wall was built then to prevent the Scots, Brythons and Picts in the North from attacking down south. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Germanic tribes (Anglo-Saxxons I believe) began to move into what is now England and gradually settled in the land for good. After many years of calm and wars, some with the Welsh and Scots, others like fighting with the French and Normady princes and even the Pope, the land of Wales was largely conquered by England, and wales fell under the English crown. Scotland, however joined the Union of her free will, and thus in Scotland, they have control of most of their lands, leaving foreign and military affairs to the English Crown.

(I cant verify that this is completely accurate, I can only say this is as best as my head tells me.)

Thus, we can see that even in Britain, even in the land where we assume all white men to be the same, they are NOT. There are many races in that country, and I'm just counting the indigenious population (I assume 300 years as indigenious). It's high time we should open our eyes more and take a sincere attempt in understanding the various races and cultures around the World instead of stereotyping them as Angmohs. Then perhaps we would be able to formulate better racial harmony policies.

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