Sunday, November 18, 2007

Making Coffeeshop Politics I

Now I have not be in any of the political parties of Singapore and any human rights organisations, but I think I have an idea as to how to circuminvent the current strict regulations in place for holding events.

The opposition should make friends with people that loves making friends and talking, yet do not want to be affliated in any political cause. Ideally, the people should have the following traits:

1. Good in expressing their opinion
2. Good in making friends
3. Good in making a point felt
4. Personal friend of a party member

These people will not be directly affliated to the party, but to the friend. This will mean that they are non-partisan. They will continue with their lives as usual. By having the above traits, I believe there is an increased chance that they can build goodwill for the friend through the word of mouth and gossiping. If this can be accomplished then it should be a passive "force multiplier" for any party, the ruling party included of course.

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