Saturday, October 20, 2007

TV Station and Radio Viewership

Let me give a paragraph by paragraph commentary on the self-appraisal by MediaCorp on their TV and radio programmes.

MediaCorp stated that Singaporeans are spoilt for choice with 100 channels and VOD to choose from.

1. You need to subscribe to cable TV from Starhub to view a selection of the 100 channels
2. VOD services comes from I. SingNet; II. MediaCorp. Again I need to pay for it
3. MediaCorp's Pay TV comes with your house when you buy your HDB Flat, fees are automatically deducted when it comes to paying the states TV license fee.
4. I dont even have the choice of getting D-MBS, TBS, NHK and you call that choice?

96% of adults watched at least 1 of MediaCorp's 6 channels last week. So? Is it surprising? No. As I stated above, its the only auto-pay TV and if you dont watch them, the money's going to the drain anyway. Futhermore, one can watch them for news. ^_^

TODAY then quoted Nielsen Media Research in choosing CNA as the top channel for professionals. Well, is there any other alternative? Unless you subscribe to cable of course. Anyways, CNA's target market is professional, so its not surprising.

I can ignore what it is saying on Channel U. To me, programmes are getting lousier, in all channels, just to what extent only.

Next I am breaking down the figures on radio listeners percentage.

MediaCorp reported that their 13 stations received 2,496,000 (70.9%) in 2007, up from 2,486,000 (73.7%). This translates to a 770 listener increase in each of the stations on average. To me it doesnt represent alot. Compared to its closest competitors though, MediaCorp enjoys a relatively high listener count. SAFRA managed a 265,000 and Unionworks total listeners fell from 238,000 to 209,000 (about 100,000 for each of Unionworks 2 stations)

To me, radio can still be an enjoyable experience, provided radio stations also move with the times. For starters, improve the online radio by switching to HE-AAC streams in 24kbs (I assure them this sounds like gold compare to the current inferior .wma 20kbs implemented by radio 1003 and .ra 20kbs implemented by YES! 933). Then I'll listen more of radio.

On magazines, MediaCorp praised itself again by stating the strong readership of i-Weekly of 6.3% (Dont ask me the statistics for U-weekly, its not given...). Problem is, I dont read them. On myself I only read 1. Anime Magazines, 2. Newsweek, 3. National Geographic.

Finally, MediaCorp gave a good report on the viewership on their news websites, especially Channel News Asia. With 2 million internet users now, online news will serve as the new paper for many people who spend increasing amounts of time on their computers. ST Online, if you dont revert to being a completely free version, your online share is going to get dominated by CNA online and TODAY online as the only choice.


Anonymous said...

The reason why the online CNA and Today have better readerships is because the bloggers can link some of the articles to their blogs and dissect the news articles. Their readerships are accidental and not intentional.

Abao said...

I see. Thanks for telling me this. :)