Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday LifeStyle

Bought the papers today, and browsed through briefly before I noticed on such a column on page L12. The headlines reads "Peanut's creater an unhappy man?", and goes on to show the author's family rebutting the biography of Charles M Schulz made by David Michaelis, accusing the biographer of using Schulz's family to write a biased story.

Personally, I think that nobody will ever know what person Schulz is, for people usually display parts of himself only in certain conditions. Schulz may be a happy person in front of his family, but I will agree that a human usually does not only have 1 face. It may well be true that he does feel melancholic in much of his life and expressed it in his comic strip "Peanuts".

Whatever the case, the author's already dead and no one will ever know for sure about his real thoughts.

"Thyself, how much doth thou knownst of? How much doth people knownst of?"

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