Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Thio Li-Ann's article, Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I havent even noticed this article by her until i read this blog post. Read it here. It prompted me to get the news article and read it, although I should have better spent time either resting or working on some worksheet...

Although I am neither able to twist words as well as Professor Thio nor as eloquent as DotSeng, I still want to give my 2 cents on her article.

To even suggest involving religion in the affairs of the state is akin to civillisation regressing to the middle ages, where wars are fought between different religious views. Assuming we are including religion into the state, many questions will have to be answered, and i fear it would be done through bloodshed.

Assuming Singapore now decides to adopt religious views in state affairs, then WHOSE religion is the state following? Even among the "Offical" religions, there is Buddism, Christanity, Islam, Taoism and countless other sects. Are we going to see these religions fight for supremacy? I can most assure you that we are going to see another large scale riot if this ever happens. Then again, given the extremely vocal minority of that 14.6%, pulling the strings behind, Singapore may become a Religious Republic of that religion and espouse their values instead. Where will the tolerance and harmony of religion become at that stage?

Do not attempt to infuse religion into the state affairs. Just look at Malaysia. Look at how the Chinese and Indians are treated in state policy. Or look at Turkey. Despite being an Islamic country it practices secularism, resulting in one of the more advanced nations of the Islamic countries. Look into how the country was nearly divided when they elected a slightly more conservative president. They all hightlight the fact that religion does not mix with the state well.

Europe itself had fought many wars based on different interpretations of religion. The past popes would order kingdoms to wage war on another kingdom that did not follow its terms. Did these do anything good to the people? Do you want wars of religion to happen again?

Let religion remain spiritual, a place of the soul. That way, at least the human world would be at more peace.

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