Friday, October 12, 2007

Grandoise Dreams of an Imperialist

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street, Prime Ministers Office, United Kingdom
British Empire

Rt Hon Brown,

I am but an ex-subject of the British Colonies, but I have a common interest with the late Rt Hon Winston Churchill. That is the dream of seeing British Power spreading from sea to sea for eternity. I wish for your honourable's attention to the dire situation in Burma ever since it was granted independence from the Empire.

Burma was granted independece in 1948, shortly after the World War and amid continued cries for independence by their citizens. I felt that this was a premature move, as the Burma was left to its own devices to deal with the surge of militarism, nationalism, communism and the reconstruction of their nation. In the years that followed Burma was indeed ravaged by the Military after the Military executed a coup de'tat, with the Military destroying livelihoods, suppressing citizens rights and plunging the country into economic poverty.

In August 2006, the Military junta raised the prices of fuel by 500%, sending its already poor citizens into further dire straits. Its people rebelled, led by the countries prominent monks. It was brutally crushed by the Military yet again, sending people to concentration camps and killing citizens mindlessly, while the world gave it a hearful. Your honourable did the right thing by ordering stricter sanctions against the regime, but there's more that Britain can do.

Britain should send in its armed forces, specifically the navy, in a show of force to free the citizens from the opressive military junta that is in power now. Those carriers have proven their worth in the Falklands War and can certainly do so even in the 21st century.

Britain can still fight a war 20,000 miles away from home.

Restore the pride and prestige of the British Empire, your Right Honourable.

Your humble servant,

(This post is made of pure daydreaming. Please do not read too much into it. And pardon my using of Rt Hon Sir Winston Churchill if anyone felt offended.)


Setsuna F. Seiei said... wanna be a Brit Subj again?

I envy you...hehe...

Abao said...

For starters, I dont mind being a subject again, if you look at how the empire governed Hong Kong till its return. However the days of imperialism are over, though i can still dream, desho?