Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Burma crackdown summary

Weeks ago, a section of Burma's monks started a popular protest against the Burmese military junta. This came after the junta doubled the price of fuel in the country, forcing the already poor people into poorer straits. The protest was peaceful but soon rapidly spread to other major cities in Burma. The World watched on silently at this point, with global news services only mentioning them briefly.

As the protest grew in scale however, the junta decided that enough was enough. They will crush all opposition and re-solidify their hold on Burma again. Hence the police and army were deployed. Using rifle butts, rubber bullets and live rounds, they beat the monks and civillans who were protesting and killed some people, including a Japanese journalist by pushing him down and shooting him at point-blank.

Only then did the World condemn Burma of its actions and after holding meetings, ASEAN issued strong statements and Mr Gambari of the UN was sent to Burma to negotiate with the generals. By the time Mr Gambari reached Burma, the junta had already imposed tight control of the major cities and as of today, Burma's foreign minister, speaking in front of the UN assembly, says that the protests were influenced and shaped by foreigners......

I believe that the Burma people has lost in the struggle with the junta yet again, as the World as of today only seeks to find solutions through dialogue, and the junta leaders are not one to be persuaded through dialogue. In short, 对牛谈情.

Moreover, most of the developing/ developed nations prefers the status quo as they have invested in Burma's natural resource (Oil and gas) which they need to power their nations. In short, they wont tear down their good bridge for the sake of morals.

Hence the current sad situation in Burma...

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