Sunday, September 23, 2007


Just my opinion but seems like nowadays, our mainstream newspapers are getting lamer by the day. Either there's little or no actual content, or its full of pro government propanganda...

Today's Sunday Times page 6 has a full page devoted to our dear PM deflecting criticism, explaining on why section 377A stays and discouraging Singlish.

Headline 1: S'pore just for the rich? Not possible, says PM
吾: Sure, but you just have to factor in the middle class to get enough support for winning

An old article from yawning bread for reference

Look from the 5th to 10th dencile. All registering net income growth, especially the top 20% of our population, $1000 and more. Assuming most of them voted in support of the incumbent, then 20% of the votes are already assured. For the low income class (1-4th decile), give them election goodies to win them over, and there you have it, the election could be won.

Headline 2: Views divided, so law on gay sex stays
吾: Please read Mr Wang's Post

Quote Mr Wang: " The fact that only 7 out of 10 Singaporeans frown on homosexuality probably puts it in the same league as premarital sex. Divorce. Interracial marriages. Opposition politicians. Integrated resorts. And PM Lee’s latest proposed changes to the CPF system.

...why should Section 377 of the Penal Code threaten gays with life imprisonment?"

Where did our pledge go to? Seems like the words "Regardless of race, language or religion" and "Based on Justice and Equality" has not gotten to the heads of our people after 40 years. We are still stuck in the 19th century, where laws are made according to the nobles and their religion.

Headline 3: Don't base national identity on speaking Singlish
吾: Its nothing wrong.

National identity is something the Government has strived to produce. When it was back in the industrial age of Singapore, jobs were aplenty and incomes across all segments of the population rose. In constrast to the post WW2 era, life was definitely better off. Making people feel patriotic was easy when people have more money to spend and more food on the table as compared to our neighbours. Now that our neighbours have reached similar levels of development, we find patriotism hard to maintain when the bread becomes harder to put on the table.

A sort of pidgin local language might not be that bad if it can maintain love for the nation. Although food for the soul cant entirely replace the real deal, at least it makes life for livable.

Lastly, I thank all (if any read, ahaha) who took time to read the coarse opinions that I've espoused today.

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