Friday, August 17, 2007

ODEX: A hell of a saga

The past week has seen chaos and mayhem erupt true to the opening of the gates of hell.

After the court ruled in favor of ODEX and ordered Starhub (Local Telco) to disclose their customers identity, the anime viewers voiced their displeasure at the attempt to stop their hobby. It could have been left at that, because ODEX is empowered by our laws to catch downloaders. But that was not all. Following the discovery by HardwareZone's CSI team that one of the director of ODEX, Mr Stephen Sing Xin Yang, who goes by the forum nickname xysing, has been gloating on the pilight of the anime downloaders and said harsh comments such as "double-6-ed and busy cathcing downloaders...", it galvanised many forumers and in no time, the news spreaded like wild fire, reaching the newspapers within the week.

Summarizing from what I've seen in the past week, I think that both parties are now wrong and an agreement should be reached as soon as possible.

1. ODEX must improve its Public Relations markedly by this month if they were to see any chance of downloaders softening their stance.

2. An compromise on watching Animes not released in local stores by ODEX should be agreed on with the community.

3. If said Anime title is released locally, ODEX should make an effort to inform the community. It's not difficult to do so, just send the more famous bloggers a mail inviting them to subscribe to their newsletter. These bloggers will do the dissemination to the rest of the community.

4. If people download said released Anime title in Singapore, ODEX is entitled to demand them to pay up, or face the party in court.

5. An association should be formed consisting of SG Anime Community. These will be the core community ODEX will negotiate and form a consenseus with.

Also, we should ignore that barrage of angry and childish responses circulating on the internet, especially on the HWZ forums. (Not that there aren't sane people there, but most of them are currently too enraged to think logically)

For now, I guess we can say goodbye to downloading Anime of any kind, since our argument is weak, unless we can find lawyers with the argument like Andy Ho represent us.

FYI, I go by my own code of conduct. For starters, I do not download Anime that are sold in Singapore. I also do not transfer Anime shows to my friends. If anyone is interested, I would give them a summary and send them pictures but that's it. I might not be white, but I am not black either.


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