Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wierd Stuffs

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Words of Wisdom

Strange and wondrous new developments in my country!

The government is eager to develop Singapore into a fine animation hub (barring the biomedical hub, the medical tourism hub, the philanthropic hub etc).

The government, for the first time, sponsors Cosfest, a predominantly cosplay-related event.

Minister Mentor Lee appears to support said event.

Newspapers feature multiple advertisements from schools offering courses in digital media, which coincidentally includes specialisations in animation.

Can you read between the lines? I cannot, and that is why I will no longer download animation.

Fellow Singaporeans. Please Heed This Advice.
Gloom and Doom: Otakus’ Mums are Getting Raped!

The government is always contradictory...talking about hubs hubs and more hubs. They just want to make Singapore into a "all-in-one", which I am not positive of.

Take a look at all the hubs we have been trying to make now. How many has suceeded?

Entrepot - It has been our speciality since day 1 and continues to be. However this was established by Raffles (therefore by Britain)

Air Hub - Isnt it just an extension of entrepot? Though this I can credit the government for it.

IT Hub - Are we really that successful in becoming an IT Hub? We have tons of courses for IT, but I cant see the direction the government is moving

Animation Hub - This is even worse... although we are seeing a barrage of events (TV, news, speeches, courses) trying to foster this, on the contary we see the government allowing AVPAS to blantantly threaten people to pay up or stop watching animation. If we have 0 content flowing into Singapore, then would we still see people cosplaying as Haruhi and co at Cosfest? If we have 0 content flowing into Singapore, then where will we understand the unique artstyles of Japanese/ Chinese art? We will still be stuck at western styles ala marvel comics...

Bio-medical Hub - I read before that this hub has only a 50% chance of succeeding in Singapore. I guess the usual governmental logic applies as for why they chose this:"If Singaporeans dont adapt, then we will lose out in the end. So Singaporeans must aquire new skills..."

Philantrophic Hub - never heard of it. Unless you count the NKF. Donations for the poor basically dropped after the NKF scandal and the people's confidence has not returned imo even after 2 years.

Financial Hub - I believe this is one of their objectives also. We may be more successful in this one, seeing that we have a strong currency and our neighbours are busy handling internal affairs. Still, we are subjected to global recessions.

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