Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rant on Singapore

Constitution amended yesterday...MPs voted 75 to 2

Oath of offices shortened by 4 paragraphs
- Will it go the way of the animal farm? I certainly hope not.

Rebuke of Slyvia Lim
- She's just voicing her concerns. When we're ruled by good people then it wont get exploited but when people like Hilter takes office, wouldnt it be used to strengthen control?


More threat letters. http://www.riuva.com/?p=660
Seriously, they are looking for trouble. Its not as if downloaders are right, but killing your entire market? Ruining other people's lives? I really dont know what to say anymore.

Maybe buy some of their VCDs, get to their office, call up reporters and burn the VCDs in front of their office to show displeasure?

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