Thursday, June 28, 2007

A study of United Kingdom and her ex Crown Colony

1. Ministries
Of course, every country has its own unique needs for various ministries, but i feel that Singapore introduced duplication of work by creating MICA and MCYS whereas UK has only 1 ministry for this (Department of Culture, Media and Sports). This 2 ministries serves basically as propanganda tools for the nation. By having 2 ministries, theorically propanganda control is effectively doubled. Propaganda Ministries serves to control information, whether visual or aural, to the interests of the Nation.

2. Trend of past elections

Whereas the UK has a relatively large opposition party (large enough to elect a shadow cabinet...) since time immemorial, Singapore does not have one. Ever since the communist crackdowns, the elections has been dominated by PAP's victory from 1968-1987, until WP's Jereyetnam won a single constituency. Because Singapore never had a viable opposition in the first place, the dominant party has the potential to do things unchecked.

3. Entrenching nature of GRCs

The creation of GRCs allows the incumbent to reelect easily as they usually have more funds than the opposition and a GRC allows him to bring potential newcomers who wouldn't be interested in politics in the first place. The UK, with a population of 60 million sees no need of implementing GRCs and yet Singapore has to.

4. Unions and Politics
Because political parties usually have their own trade unions, in the UK this has come to mean that by electing the party into office, you are also securing your worker's benefits. In Singapore's case, because there is only 1 legal union, the NTUC, which is formed from PAP loyalists, this will mean that opposition parties cannot have their own unions as support, leaving with the elections as the sole way of expressing dissatisfaction.

5. Culture
Whereas the United Kingdom has a rich culture from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, solidified over the years through war, religon, laws and time, Singapore has nearly none of those. We have not experieced Civil War before, as we descended from a being a colony and a state in Federal Malaysia. We do not have strong cultural markers that makes us Singapore, being here only because we are born here; in the United Kingdom, people of their Home States have a rich cultural heritage that has survived through the ages (including Roman invasions).

This post reflects the views of the author after browsing through the various wiki links when he was reading on the United Kingdom's constitution. In no part was the author trying to criticize anyone.


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