Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some thinking on friday's newspaper

Friday, 27 April 2007, Straits Times had a news article and the headline read: "In Taiwan, much of the news isn't fit to print".

That headline got on my nerves. How dare the MSM 148th in press freedom critise another country's media when it doesn't even have the right to do so?

But as I read on, some of my anger did dissipate. I saw the reports describing how Taiwan's free media went overboard by helping armed gangsters film a video clip in return for more viewership ratings. But still, a couple of things to learn for all media under strict guardianship of the government.

1. If you don't perform the check and balance role, you will find it hard to do so in future.

2. Even in free press, the nation still needs to set aside some general guidelines that fosters journalism and the reporting of accurate, objective new.

3. Years of biased reporting will leave the MSM lost of their directions when the days of tight control ends.

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