Saturday, April 14, 2007

The fall of Venice

I happened to read my sis notes on the fall of venice and I thought: many factors leading to Venice's fall may be present in Singapore too, depending on which angle we think. I hereby copy out a section of her notes that I read and hightlight points which I feel relavant. See whether anyone agrees with me?

Fall of Venice
Internal Factors

- Corruption in the government
> Salaries of civil servants were suspended
> Higher taxes (7% GST?)
> Bribe members of Great Council for voting
> Nobles control govt (A near molopoly in parliament?)

- Complacency of venetian society
> Could not find enough volunteers to serve in the navy
> Gambling, excessive poverty, luxurious life (Casino opening soon, the rest of the points i dunno)

- Incompetent military leaders
> No permament competent leaders in venetian army & navy (Not sure how competent our COS are but I rmb the newspapers saying that we have some of the youngest generals)
> Failed to realise change in system of selecting leaders (Scholar = Great Leaders?)
> Failed to realise changes in selecting men for military posts

- Over dependence on Mercenaries (1million FT, soon to be 3million)
> Did not conscript its citizens into army
> More interested in protecting territorries
> Mercenaries loyal to whoever that pays more
> Unable to maintain when Venice faced decline

- Insensitivity towards neighbouring countries (Well we always get bashed by MY and Indonesia)
> Imposed high taxes on goods
> Obstruct trade of other states
> Inconsiderate to needs of other neighbours
> Indirectly contribute to pirate attacks on neighbouring countries

(Written on 14/4/2007)

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