Sunday, March 25, 2007

Phillip Yeo made headlines again...

After the dorama with Lee Wei Ling, our mainstream media has also caught on to this piece of news where Mr Phillip Yeo of AStar had a fiery online discussion with some bloggers over the minimum grades for getting a AStar scholarship.

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Regardless of the discussion, one can infer on ways people respond to questions...

1. When one has got nothing to comment, add in an insulting sentence to show one is still reading. (没意见时,可以讽刺对方的话以表示默认。)

2. When one is on the losing end of a debate, attack their enemies moral characters. (说不过对方时,可以攻击对方的人格。)

3. When someone makes an assumption, shoot them down by asking them for proof. (对方举例时,可强迫对方拿出证据。以次能取胜也。)

Whether these is a good trend or not, is up to one's interpretation...

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