Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday's Straits Times In Brief

1. Household income of lowest wage earners rises.
Although it was reported that incomes had risen among employed households, it was also attributed to more people working in the family and shrinking size of a family.

So in the end, nothing much has changed. The poor are still getting low salaries.

The rich, however had a 8% increase in their salaries, rising to $6990 and widening the Gini Coefficient to 0.472. I dunno how they calculate the benefits bought by the "progress package", but the papers said after factoring this in, the Gini actually shrank to 0.439...Now its just whether people believe it or not.

2. Bus Bays may be axed to help cut time.
After years of using bus bays, they are now considering removing them? What a funny proposal. They should ask themselves what is the purpose/advantages/disadvantages of a bus bay in the first place when they built them all over Singapore, not 40 years later.

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