Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year

These 3 days were tiring days for me indeed, visiting many relatives from dawn to dusk. Along the way many things can be observed and reflected upon that reflects the changing facets of Singapore.

1. A cup holder showing a 25th National Day Celebration (1990).
The motto for that year was One People, One Nation, One Singapore.
I cant remember what the motto was for last year, but from the motto i feel that the importance was placed on the people - The People before the Nation.

2. Geylang.
Those prostitutes really made that place famous now. I had a relative living in Geylang, and when we were on the way home, there were so many men looking around looking for #%&. I instinctively tensed up and tried to make a defensive stance to protect my mum and sis...

The blangadeshi or indian workers also appeared in hordes, appearing to flood up the alleys. I had no complains to this as it is a National holiday and anyone can relax and have fun. I was only wondering when the 6.5million target population is reached, will there be any space to move about at all?

3. 国富民强
This was on the lampposts all over Singapore. It means the Country has to be rich before the people can get strong. Why not the Country getting rich because of its people being strong?

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