Saturday, February 10, 2007

6.5million: 3.5million foreigners + 3million locals

The Government has said that despite our decreasing birth rates, the population will still grow to 6.5million people in 20 years time. (2027?) This will be fufilled by allowing more foreigners to work and study in Singapore.

Let me guess where these foreigners are going to come from.

1. China's southern provinces (Primarily from Guangzhou and Fujian)
2. Malaysia
3. Indonesia
4. India

I hope the Government can handle them. With more than 3million foreigners in Singapore its not as easy as catching people who are in groups of 4.


Evariste Galois said...

Did the study say the growth was due to immigration specifically?

We have declining birth rates, but this doesn't show up on the graphs in terms of population increase or decrease until about a generation, kind of like a second derivative. The older generation has to die first, in order for the population to start declining.

The local population is still increasing, but not enough to fulfill the replacement rate, so it means it will start going down only much later.

I'm not worried about immigration. Immigration implies integration. However, if it's just foreign workers with no intention of integration (or with no ability), then I will be worried.

abao said...

Thanks for posting here ^_^

My impression is that the growth will be mainly from the influx of foreigners to Singapore, as nothing was spoken about boosting our birth rates.

I know most foreigners will try to integrate into Singapore but when there's more of their people than us locals, will they still feel the need to integrate?

TaruiKiller said...

Reason is very simple, current populations could not satisfied their greed toward to gain huge revenues($$$$). Therefore, by increase to 6.5 mils then all their monoplised so call privated corporation( dbs bank, ntuc,smrt, sbs, pub, singtel, psa, st, keppel group, lta, sia etc) will have better revenues so they can demand more sal., bonus etc.

But do they ready bother about what is called quality of life in this tiny red dot. Can this nation allow such huge populations. Now smrt, buses, traffic , town are already so scrammed, can't even move freely alway hit again others & not to mention to have a space to breath. We local singaporean will evenually become extinct in our nation.