Monday, January 15, 2007 it even news?

The Sunday Times (January 14 2007) reported that Singaporeans are worried that foriegners may snatch away their jobs. But is that new news? I don't think so. Only the raw statistics are new.

What's interesting is that the survey conducted by them was separated into 2 portions, namely "Foreign Workers" and "Foreign Talent" respectively. I wonder what is their definition of those? By salary? caste? education? I guess I'll never know...

Then there's the chart where it compares the acceptance of foreigners. If you had seen the papers, you would have seen that acceptance of "foreign workers" in all cases are markly lower than "foreign talent". I'll like to propose that they take away jobs from Singaporeans thats why people don't welcome them, but the second chart contradicts this. It said that only 63% of Singaporeans fear that foreign workers will take away their jobs as compared to 86% for foreign talent. Perhaps this is a case of "Its okay for you educated and rich foreigners to live near me but don't snatch my job away from me."

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