Monday, January 15, 2007 it even news?

The Sunday Times (January 14 2007) reported that Singaporeans are worried that foriegners may snatch away their jobs. But is that new news? I don't think so. Only the raw statistics are new.

What's interesting is that the survey conducted by them was separated into 2 portions, namely "Foreign Workers" and "Foreign Talent" respectively. I wonder what is their definition of those? By salary? caste? education? I guess I'll never know...

Then there's the chart where it compares the acceptance of foreigners. If you had seen the papers, you would have seen that acceptance of "foreign workers" in all cases are markly lower than "foreign talent". I'll like to propose that they take away jobs from Singaporeans thats why people don't welcome them, but the second chart contradicts this. It said that only 63% of Singaporeans fear that foreign workers will take away their jobs as compared to 86% for foreign talent. Perhaps this is a case of "Its okay for you educated and rich foreigners to live near me but don't snatch my job away from me."

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another Dorama brewing...

Singapore Anime News

According to kwok, ODEX (An Anime Company in Singapore with a near monopoly) held a focus group before the end of last year with various groups including polytechnics and university representatives to discuss on improving Singapore's Anime Future.

Cheaper products
Higher quality products
A membership service for students
More community involvement

Government wants to clamp down on all(Animation included) downloads effective… this year
Anime titles that doesn't pass the censorship board will not be shown at all

Reaction from the bloggosphere
The Singapore Anime bloggosphere has largely critisized ODEX for announcing such a move.

Kwok himself had said that:
‘it’s not going to look good if the students are caught’. It will not be nice if the local No. 1 tabloid has a 15-page exclusive on 16-year-olds jumping off 20-storey buildings in an attempt to shake off hardened plainclothes raiders.

Drmchsr0 said:
ODEX, if you want sagely advice, I give it to you free of charge:
- People do not download anime because of purposely wanting to get you out of business, but because the amount of time it takes to secure a license, translate and press the things makes it rather inconvenient for people to legally follow their passion. It also doesn’t help that you make sub-standard products.
- And the fact your CEO hates downloaders.
- And that you don’t announce your licenses at major events. Or rather, announce your licenses AT ALL.
- Your site’s not rather helpful, and you don’t update it often.

Tsubaki said:
My stance is: Fansubs do not affect sales. If people don’t plan to pay for animes, they probably won’t and never will. All this catching of people who download animes, are affecting the real fans that pay for our products.

What fansubs does for the anime community is raise awareness.

Do read their websites as they provide an excellent read on the dorama. And read their reader's replies too - quality feedback that is.,,,

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