Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some random news

1. Jumping off trains is starting to become a trend.

This is something the Government seriously needs to do reflection on. In a place where they claim is the best place to earn $ and live in, why do people still want to die? And in such a gory way...

In the meantime, they can install railings near the gates to reduce chances of people jumping. But don't use this as a excuse to raise the transport fees.

2. HongKong decided not to implement GST | Link

The HK leaders decided against the GST after listening to the people, and the people was totally against it. In Singapore, with 66.6% support after the elections, there is never the need to ask whether the people supports it or not as it is automatically deemed to be a "Yes".

How come HK, with the status of a City, enjoys greater freedom of speech compared to Singapore, a Nation?

Note: Kanon will still be blogged...just haben take screenshots...

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Ghormax said...

I am from Germany, and they will increase the value added tax (VAT) starting January 2007 from 16 to 19%! Singapore is nothing compared to Germany, but I am opposed to both increases!