Sunday, October 01, 2006

What I want for my Portable Media Player

This will provide a checklist when I buy my next Portable Media Player. ^^

Supported Codecs:
Generic MPEG4 video @ 320x240, 320x180, up to 30fps, 600kbs
DivX and XviD ASP @ 320x240, 320x180, up to 30fps, 600kbs, QPel
*AVC1 (aka H.264) @ 320x240, 320x180, up to 30fps, 400kbs, Main Profile

Supported Containers:
(and hopefully) .mkv

Supported Codecs:
mp3 (MPEG Audio 1 Layer 3) @ up to 320kbs, 8Khz to 48Khz
*aac (Advanced Audio Codec) @ up to 320kbs, LC; HE; HE+PS, 8Khz to 48Khz
(and hopefully) vorbis

Supported Containers:
(and hopefully) .ogg & .oga

Supported Formats:

Scratch Resistant
Bright but not glaring
3 inch or bigger but total size must not exceed 1.5 of my palm

No restraints on weight but preferably not more than 300g (with battery)

12hour video; 24hour mp3@192kbs; *24hour aac (HE)@ 128kbs
can be AA, AAA or manufacturer supplied (preferably having an external power charger)

2Gb or more

Storage Media
*Flash or other non-moving parts media

Transfer Speed
*Hi-speed USB2.0

*denotes must have


DRagon said...

It going cause a boom :X

abao said...

the only player supporting all the functions (- the optional ones) is the PSP. Figures rite u_u