Friday, October 27, 2006

Singapore Blogging Dorama

Over this week Ms Wee's rant on Derek Wee's blog post made headlines and she even shut her blog down.

Moral of the story:

1. Be prepared to stand by what you preach.
2. The internet is accessible to all. Keep a diary if you do not want people to see.
3. Apologizing in LKY style doesn't work for everyone.

In case people do not understand how to apologize in LKY style, it is done as follows:
"I apologize if my words hurt you but I said nothing wrong."

That said, its better not to add fuel to fire. But one must remember the words of her father. "...I stand by her basic points..."(ST Home page 4, Thursday 26 October 2006) Come GE2011, and we shall see whether her father did change into a better person or still the "Uncaring Elite" he is.


Edit: (Sat Oct 28 2006)
They are now Wikipedia-ed oO


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