Friday, October 20, 2006

Death Note The Movie I

Though the Movie protrays the story differently from the Anime and Manga (Basically, so far the Anime is nearly the same as the manga), overall I'm impressed by the movie.

Characters, Starring:

1. Yagami Light 夜神月 - acted by Fujiwara Tatsuya 藤原竜也

Although different from my impression of Light, by the end of the show he managed the character of Light well.

Rating (upon 10): 7/10

2. "L" "Ryuuzaki" - acted by
Matsuyama Kenichi 松山ケンイチ

The second he appears in the movie, I already knew he was L. His actions, eyes, and every movement is so beautifully executed in the exact manner L did in the manga, including the love of sweets, being a sore loser and more.

Rating: 9/10

3. Amane Misa 弥 海砂 (aka "misa misa") - acted by Toda Erika 戸田恵梨香

Hmm...maybe its my biasness, but I think that Hirano Aya will be better in acting as Misa. In the show, Toda Erika's voice seems a bit off to me. Even though I haven't seen the Anime Version of Misa (Voiced by Hirano Aya which is not out yet), from the manga, my impression is that Misa is a very energetic person and Kira maniac (aka she likes Light).

If you have heard Hirano Aya in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and watched some Youtube Videos (the Oricon TV show), I'm sure you would have known how good she is.

Rating: 6/10

4. Shiori (Original Character not in the Manga/Anime) - acted by
Kashii Yuuko 香椎悠子

She's okay I guess... I was wondering where did she appear in the manga... now that I googled it then I knew she's a new addition. I suppose she fits into the show well. The closest part in the manga would be the long haired girl (unnamed) in the manga where Light goes out with once or twice I think...

Rating: 6/10

5. Yagami Soichiro
夜神 総一郎 - acted by Kaga Takeshi 鹿賀 丈史

Rating: 8/10

6. Raye Penber レイ・ペンバー - acted by Hosokawa Shigeki 細川 茂樹

Rating: 7/10

7. Misora Naomi 美空ナオミ - acted by
Seto Asaka 瀬戸朝香

Rating: 8/10

8. Ryuk リューク - acted by Nakamura Shidou 中村 獅童

Ryuk rocks! One of the reasons I watch the Movie is Ryuk. The Seiyuu doesn't fail to deliver, the animation is good, and the crave of apples, what's more interesting to watch than Ryuk going crazy over apples!

Rating: 9/10

Now for some Snippets of the Movie ^^

1. The bus is painted with the advertisment of "Misa Misa" which shows that she's is a popular actress.

2. Ryuk. Great animation done by the CG. I liked that a lot. Only 1 question though. Since no one can see him except those in contact with the Death Note, why can he have a shadow? Doesn't that give his identity away??

3. Original Flavor Potato Chips - You will understand the greatness of it once you've watched the Movie or the Manga/Anime. But the movie has a better atmosphere for it. ^^

4. Light's Room. Now this is what I would call a rich kid's room. Laptop, LCD TV, nice lighting compared to Old chunky Cathode TV and a Desktop Computer in the Manga/ Anime.

Death Note 2007. This sequel should continue from where the current movie ends (when Misa Misa receives the Death Note from Rem レム. Which is about 20+ chapters for the manga. Assuming 108/20, it will take 5.4 movies to complete the whole Death Note. (Which is very long, are they going to milk the series till it's dry?)

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