Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Times today - A Cynic's Jab at the Headlines

Masterplan to improve lives of disabled - A First World country and we are only starting this now?

Videoclips of NSmen clowning around; It's not funny, says Mindef - Maybe the gunfight one is abit overboard but the NDP parody seems ok, judging from the pictures.

Just 23, he runs 5 computer stores - Now this is the example our PM could have used at the NDR 2006 as an example of how foreigners can help the local industries by creating jobs.

Doc likes S'pores strong government - ... we're admiring the British system and here a former British citizen prefers the Singapore system. Seems like a case of "greener pastures overseas"

Chinese syllabus revamp shows positive results, says Tharman - I hope I'll hear my younger cousins saying they love Chinese instead of saying it is b o r i n g, but sadly this isn't happening.

MM Lee: Retain Mandarin-speaking environment here - What does Mandarin mean to Singapore, answer me. Is it for better business opportunities with the rising China?

Singapore must be vigilant during IMF/ World Bank meet - True to some extent, but it probably won't affect me anyway. Why go to the bloody Suntec City during such a time? To "Welcome the delegates with a Smile?"

MINISTER BLOGGER - He's just a contributor and doesn't even keep his own blog, yet the MSM made a big fuss out of it. It is a good trend though, through interactions with the online community, the online community can reach the top brass more easily.

Vivian: PAP must engage young or lose a generation - Well said.

Surf for free this month at 5 malls in Suntec area - ... It was set to coincide with the IMF meetings......maybe to show the foreigners that Singapore is a telecommunications hub? Remember that the PAP promised us this election to enable wireless surfing all over Singapore? I sincerely hope this continues after the IMF show is over, because free internet will sure be good for everyone.

STOMP section:
Singapore's Hottest Teachers - #*%^) They worte 900,000 votes were casted...... I'll teach you a way to vote repeatedly.
1) Vote in a poll
2) Flush your cookies
3) Re-do

To proof what I said was true, read second column. Excerpt:
Pok Yen confessed to clicking "a few thousand times" and also badgering his friends to vote for her.

The credibility of STOMP is crushed. (Even though nearly NO serious political bloggers will touch this website in the first place. Note: I'm not a political blogger......not partisan player in politics......and I don't visit STOMP)

Is EQ lacking among youths? -
1) Ask any student whether Civics and Moral is actually taught in school.
2) Ask whether they actually listen to Civics and Moral lessons if taught.
It will give you a more than good enough answer to the company who's trying to employ Singaporeans to work.

A-HA, SO THIS IS ART - One person's art might be another person's poison. Look at the trees with polka dots. They may say it looks good, but to me it looks like the red poisonous mushroom.(can't remember the name) So it's really very objective.

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