Sunday, September 17, 2006

Singapore scores high on Governance - Or not?

The article said that Singapore had performed well in over 5 catogories, but convienently forgot to mention our falling ratings in the Political Stability and Accountability areas.

Political Stability is the lowest since 1996, looking at the figures provided by the Sunday Times. At 84%, it is considerably lower than the average of the figures (535.9/6=89.3).

I belive MM's age is factored in the report. Singapore became the modern Nation it is today largely due to MM Lee and his ministers. However, most of these ministers are either dead or have retired, except for MM Lee. And MM Lee is already in his 80's. Although he is still fit and in the pink of health, the fact is that he is old, if after his death, the winds
may change and throughout history stability is compromised by changes. (No offence intended. If anyone find it offensive tell me and i'll remove it)

Another point not elaborated by the MSM is that accountablity fell to a unprecented level of 38.2%, much lower than the average of the figures (289.4/6=48.2) I think that some factors caused these low marks.

1. Treatment of CSJ. Even though he is treated like an alien in Singapore by most people and the PAP, CSJ seems to have gathered the attention of major foreign media such as the Reporters without Borders which had rated our government a lowly 140th in press freedom. And if you believe what the Singapore Democrats had placed on their website, they were denied a trial. Here Plus yesterday (Saturday 17 September 2006), CSJ had organised a "public protest", but once they reached their destination [Hong Lim Park], they were barricaded by the police and prevented from doing anything. All in the face of the foreign media.

2. Millions Dollar salaries vs 0. Yawning Bread has an article. Here As you can see, the 1st decile has virtually no income at all for the whole year while the richest 10th decile saw their incomes rise to $16480. The Minister's was and is a source of discomfort for many, and the explanation used for justifying was that they could have been paid more in the corporate World for such abilities. So is serving your country is deemed less important as compared to earning top-notched salaries?

3. Double Standards. Why is it that we cannot protest in Singapore while foreigners are allowed to?

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